it does not have to be every day. but i would
like to deliver some personal words, image or thoughts...

mountain mountain mountain * we are in the alps in the west austria. summer mountain landscape viewing from the ski lift is an interesting one. i took the pic on the left, the right is taken by Z, as if the mountain stumble over rocks....


Tulip like paprika.


Spring is visiting holland late this year.

But when flower field blooms, I can not help taking some lids.


It was as if I was looking at some make up performance, in the early morning metro.


With Iseya inn sea taxi, heading to Awasima. back to the Nishihama!


Kosui festival in Odochi. Although the traditional dance became too difficult for young ones to succeed, this open air dance floor was packed with people when the rock arranged festival music was played.

Fire works were quite amazing especially because the sound was echoing through surrounded mountains.


A frog sitting on a fig tree.


A smashed frog.


Like a cat.


Where Anpanman comes from!


My late great grandmother's house, we are not able to use now..


We are in Birahu, where Anpanman comes from. Because of the crazy rain, we had some problem with train to get here. Tomorrow typhoon is landing Shikoku island..... We will be in the middle of it!!!!!!


it has been already three weeks since we are back in NL. and st. nicholas festival today, outside is extremely stormyˇÄ

Z received an early gift from sintaklaas a week ago. a first bike! getting better at riding everyday.



with the help of H, we walked up to the old path in the mountain. this is the way people used to use before concrete car road was constructed. although i prepared Z good not to be attacked by mosquitos. she was bitten so much... so sorry.


K has invited all the artists for udon evening. just caught (?) sazae (sea shell) and other fish.... great food.


Z playing with Seikochan the cat. this kind of country stile kitchen view is very nice.


on the way back from the child-care centre.


exhibition space * after thinking for a long time, i have decided to use old oinarisan space to show my work.

with a big help of people, we put things out (old wood, furniture, etc) from this small hut. inside it was a cockroach castle!!!!! where did they run away to?


a laughing crab?