Cafe den Boterham   2019

Publisher: 252cc cultuurcentrum Ekeren
Legal deposit: D/2019/0306/29
Print: robstolk
Cover page print: Plantin-Moretus Museum UNESCO World Heritage
Graphic design: Wolk Ontwerp and Soonhwa Kang
edition: 200
Monthly inspiration: Sui Sho
Text support: Miek Hoekzema
Language: Dutch
Price: 15euro

 This charming booklet consists of drawings, poems, celestial information and monthly inspirations.
This book artwork doubles as a calendar for 2020, it was inspired by an 'almanac' printed by the publishing & printing house Plantin-Moretus back in 16th century.

 With this as inspiration, the title and name on the cover page are hand-printed by the artist herself using a 19th century letterpress printing machine in Plantin-Moretus Museum.

 'Cafe Den Boterham' was a project hosted by 252cc Cultuurcentrum in Ekeren, Belgium in May 2019. The artist has collected and re-arranged local memories into an installation that includes animation, sound and book art.

Hamano Oinarisan a pine wood tale   2013

size: 29.7cm(h)x21cm(w), 24pages, FC
edition: 300
design & concept: Takako Hamano
content: drawings, photographs, collages and texts
language: English and Japanese
price: 10euro

This bookwork consists of twelve spread images of photographs, drawings, collage and found material. Each image accompanied with a small story, tells a fragment of 'Hamano Oinarisan A pine wood tale', an imaginary story around Awashima.

 A viewer could touch, look and read this bookwork while being inside a closed spatial work.



unfortunately there is a missing text in the book. you can read it by clicking this image on the left.


size: 42cm(h)x29.7cm(w), 84pages
publisher: SieboldHuis
ISBN: 9789081287425
edition: 600
design: COUP, Amsterdam
Peter van den Hoogen & Erica Terpstra
print: Drukkerij SSP, Amsterdam
content: drawings, photographs and texts
language: Dutch, English and Japanese texts on drawings
**texts printed in mirror writing can be read from another side of the transparent paper.
price: 33euro

Hamano's dense, layered bookwork collects her drawings, photographs and mirrored texts in a playful, associative manner. Made for the artist's solo exhibition at Sieboldhuis in 2009, Leiden, the poetic narratives of text and image are inspired by two fishing villages in Japan and the Netherlands. A colourful, nuanced and fresh world of imaginaire.

This publication has been made possible through generous contributions by The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

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i saw a dream of Kubotsu.   2008

size: 21cm(h)x29.7cm(w), 16pages
edition: 800
content: drawings, photographs and texts
language: Japanese and English

This booklet was produced as one of works for the exhibition 'i saw a dream of Kubotsu.'.

to see some details of the book, please see this page.

een memory mapping boek   2005

size: 18cm(h)x27cm(w), 32pages
edition: 600
content: drawings, photographs and texts
language: Dutch and English partly (full translation can be viewed on this site)
print: robstolk, Amsterdam
price: 14euro (incl.6% BTW)

This book is one of works produced during the research based art project, in which the artist worked with cultures and histories of a fishermen's village called Arnemuiden in the Netherlands.

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*boekie woekie (amsterdam)
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