the presentation of Kubotsu project consists of three chapters and each chapter was presented in different location and time. all the presented works were produced based on the research which was conducted in november 2007 in Kubotsu.

chapter 1 (the old Kubotsu clinic)

on march 8th and 9th 2008, the exhibition took a place at the old Kubotsu clinic in a fishermen's village called Kubotsu in Kochi prefecture.

the old Kubotsu clinic, the former manor house which receives the most sunlight in the village, is a place where Kubotsu people carry various memories from the past. since ten years ago, the clinic had been closed and used only as a storage. by presenting works based on memories and stories of Kubotsu, the exhibition's attempt was to transform the old clinic space into a place where memories of Kubotsu village from different generations playfully would encounter each other.

the work was a spatial piece with approximately four hundred photos printed on inkjet paper (partly with cut-outs, collage), animation/video works, drawings, sound and light etc.

see the details of the work here.

booklet work and tenugui (japanese traditional towel) work were also made. tenugui towels were quickly sold out.

many people from the young to the old have visited the exhibition and took careful looks at works. works triggered many people to remember and talk about their own personal stories and memories of Kubotsu.

photo by: Hiroshi Chiba / Masako Ito


chapter 2 (CCA Kitakyushu)

in march 2008, some works from chapter 1 were re-arranged and re-placed into OPEN STUDIO at CCA Kitakyushu studio space.

please see details of the work here.


chapter 3 (KAAP)

in may, june 2008 the work participated in the group show called KAAP held in the fort ruigenhoek in groenekan, holland. a small path into the chinkapin forest was created and a small drum performance was performed in the work.

please see details of the work here.